Idea for yourself. An idea for life. Programmer.

If you’re here, you’re probably checking your job options. Whether you’re interested in programmer career or you just want to find some information about it before making the decision – this article is for you. Below, you can find the most crucial information about this job.

How to start working as a programmer?

First of all, be aware, that the needs in the field of broadly understood programming significantly exceed the supply provided by the labor market. That’s the reason why the requirements might vary from “a specific degree is needed” to “just know how to program, we don’t care about your school”.

More and more things need programming and as this specific field is a dark magic for many, the needs of employers can’t be satisfied with the amount of people, who’d like to work in this industry. That’s why some of the employers asks for a specific degree from an academia, some are fully satisfied by a programming course and some – are eager to hire you as an intern and teach you every little thing. If you’re interested in starting a career in this path, first check out, if it’s something you’d like to do.

What are the programmers responsibilities?

As a programmer, you will be responsible for writing computer programms, fixing any mistakes, updating them, testing softwares and in general – working mostly with computers. As you can see, this job might not be a good idea for people, who crave daily, long contact with other people. Although programmers cooperate between each other, many of them work from home and they contact by writing e-mails or messages, possibly by talking on messengers.

This job is a great idea for people, who are interested in new technologies, know their fair share of math (yes, many maths topics are needed for coding) and don’t feel troubled by the idea of working alone.

Programmers skills and competences

At this job, particular qualities and competencies are essential. You can start a career as a programmer, if:

  • you focus easily,
  • you have some analytical skills,
  • you are eager to collaborate when needed (i.e. to fix problems in software for another department),
  • you don’t mind working mostly alone.

As you can see, this job is a great opportunity for people, who like working with computers and at the same time – can co-operate with others. That being said, be aware that the working with others part is marginal compared to the time you spend creating the program by yourself.

If you think that this job is for you, look for a course of programming. There are many which you can attend online. If you’re not interested in this career path, don’t worry: just keep searching and you will find something you like!