Idea for yourself. An idea for life. Architect.

Finding the perfect job might be a struggle. When graduating, we’re still too young and inexperienced to decide what we’d like to do for the rest of our lives. As the statistics show, nearly half of the emplyed people aren’t interested in what they are doing. It means, that every second person you meet at the street goes to work only to make money to live.

How to avoid it?

If you want something more from your job, you should try to get at least a basic knowledge about many professions. It should make the decision easier. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the architect job: one that is definitely challenging, but also gives so much satisfaction. Below you can find many information, that you might find helpful.

How to start?

First of all, you need a degree. You have to graduate from an academia, which is accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The studying process might go in three options:

  • five year long school for those, who have no higher education whatsoever;
  • three years long course for those, who have a degree in other fields (doesn’t really matter which – you could’ve studied philosophy);
  • two years, if you have some pre-professional degreed in fields connected to architecture.

After those years, you have to finish a three years long, paid internship. When it’s done, you are allowed to pass Architect Registration Examination. Most of the states condition the possibility of working in the profession by obtaining a license. This can only be obtained after completing the studies and passing the exam.

What does the architect do?

We know, how the process of getting architect title goes. But what is the job really about?

Most of it is done in the office. You will meet your clients there, prepare the projects, negotiate them, fix the mistakes and do many more things. There are also some field days, when you will see the ground, on which the building will be placed etc. However, if you’re looking for a job, that will allow you to stay active and outside for most of the days, architecture isn’t really your thing.

Architects are responsible for creating plans of houses, apartment complexe and any other buildingss, which are functional, safe and compliant with legal standards. It means, that you have to be up to date with newest laws for your state and have a pretty solid knowledge of exact fields. Be aware, that your mistakes might put people’s lives at risk, so if you’re not sure, whether you are a scientific mind, consider another career.

If you like working with people, you value precision and you like calculations – this job might be good for you. If it’s not your thing – don’t worry: you will find it!