Master CV. What should it contain?

When applying for a job, you usually have to send a resume. While some people make it sound as if they have only one document and they send it everytime they apply for a position – it shouldn’t work like that. It is a good idea to have so called ‘master resume’. What is it and why does it make the whole process of job application easier and faster?

Master resume – an option for all jobs at once

When you will check some resume examples, you will notice that usually, they are targeted. For example, when someone is applying for a position in the finance department, rather doesn’t mention experience in gastronomy (unless for some reason it may indicate qualities necessary when working with numbers). This is a good way to get a job, as every position needs slightly different resume. You’re probably thinking, that this might get really time-consuming, to prepare a whole new resume for each position you apply – and indeed, that’d be an issue, if the idea of master resume wasn’t known to humanity.

editable CV templates

You can download such editable CV templates Word for free at

The master resume is a CV file, in which you list absolutely all of your experience and education. Include there every language you can speak, every course you’ve finished and every job you have ever had (even if it’s a small weekend job while studying). Literally every information you could ever put in any kind of resume and format it properly (using the same, easy to read font, picking a specific way of listing your jobs etc.). This way, when you will find a job opportunity – you can copy the document into a new file and adapt it. Remove the things that aren’t important and voila: the brand new resume for your job offer is ready.

What should be written in a master resume?

As mentioned before – every information and every skill you have ever gained. This way, preparing a CV for a specific job offer, you will be ready. This is crucial when the applications are closed soon and when you are short on time. Preparing a new resume every time is really time consuming and honestly, a waste of it. Thanks to the master resume you can make the whole process way shorter and more efficient.

Don’t worry, if you master resume is really long: it’s designed to be so. When you put all the information about yourself, not filtrating it, many pages might be filled. To be honest, this is good: this way, you won’t struggle to prepare a specific CV for a specific position of a proper lengthy. Remember to keep the master resume updated – this way, you will be able to send an application in a short period of time.